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Master Guardians & Elite

Master Guardians & Elite

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular, and well know fps shooters of our time. The game Cs go master guardian elite on the outside seems fairly simple, two teams one terrorist, one counter-terrorist go against each other planting and defusing the bomb. In CSGO, players are able to engage in 5 on 5 competitive matches. After each match, the invisible rankings of each player are adjusted, and over time players are able to drop in rank or increase, and Gold Nova 1-3, Master Guardian Elite and Gold Nova Master. Guardian account for around 20% of the player base. Those who rank at Master Guardian 1 and above are the top 36% of players.


Players that are in Master Guardian 1, should have relatively good game sense and aim. The fundamentals of the game should already be stapled into the player's heads. Without these fundamentals, leaving the Master Guardian 2 ranks are extremely difficult. Once players are out of these ranks, teamwork and coordination are what impacts the outcomes of games. The best way to improving your rank at Master Guardian is simply teamwork and coordination. The higher ranks thrive on those, and having great game sense and knowledge of your teammates can pivot the game to your advantage.

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