Gold Novas

Gold Nova 1 - Euphoric Explosion Rank. Players here begin to think they're hot shit. Many players here have the aim of a soggy potato salad, but the game sense of a mutilated cheese burger.

Gold Nova 2 - Players here begin to brag to their friends in school they finally reached the rank of two-star General in a bomb planting game. Friends are unimpressed. Slightly higher usage of the minimap, begin to learn smokes, KennyS is the name of the guy who picks up the sniper rifle.

Gold Nova 3 - Super intense about csgo. Breaks down into tears when demoted back to Gold Nova 2, has a party when they get their extra star. Reaction time of shampoo.

Gold Nova Master - THE AK IS ALMOST MINE. Friendships are destroyed here. Betrayal, cheating, and hardships come with getting out of this rank. As if getting the AK will make them any better.

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