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Distinguished Master Guardian

Distinguished Master Guardian

While the skill level of CSGO players is usually similar to their rank, Master guardian cs go is an important rank. It fills the gap between average Gold players, and those who are more serious in the game, Legendary Eagle and above. Players who find themselves in the Master Guardian ranks have a choice, either to keep improving, or reach the more serious levels of matchmaking, or stay around the Master Guardian Gold range and play a little more casually. Master Guardian is truly a pivotal rank among casuals, and competitive players. After the update that balanced out the ranks, Master Guardian 1, 2, Elite, and Distinguished Master


One of these ranks, specifically Master Guardian, is one of the high obtainable ranks in CSGO. The Master Guardian rank is split into 4 ranks, Master Guardian 1, Master Guardian 2, and this is similar to the Silver 1 through 4, Silver Elite and Silver Elite Master


Overall the Distinguished Master Guardian rank is the leeway between casual players and competitive players, as well as a trial rank to test players who are willing, focused, and who will risk it all in order to get to the more competitive ranks. Those playing in Master Guardian and above are in the top 36% of players. Those who reside in this rank, have truly shown their skill and dedication to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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