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csgo weapons

CSGO Weapons to avoid when playing

CSGO Weapons to avoid when playing

The first question which comes in mind, when playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive is why keep the csgo weapons which are not battle-worthy? The answer is really simple, there is always a need of variety in any game one plays, whether the csgo weapons are bad or good, they sure help out in difficult situations or unless you want to make this game more of a fun. However, one should have knowledge of what csgo weapons to use in what situations precisely. When playing competitive, we must pick the best csgo weapons against our precious dollars. In this article, I would like to cover up some weaponry to avoid when you are playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive (I guess the new players might not be able to bear what I am about to say).

The R8 Revolver CSGO Weapon

As you can see it’s highly inaccurate. I suppose if you give it some time, eat your vegetables and practice like there’s no tomorrow, you can probably hit a parked bus from two feet away. With a bit of luck. But then you consider that the R8 costs $850, which is $150 more than the Desert Eagle. Even if they both cost the same, I can’t find a good reason why anyone would prefer the R8.

Dual Berettas CSGO Weapon

These knockers may look cool while holding, but too many cooks spoil the broth. They have high rate of fire and lots of ammunition, but they aren’t accurate at all. If you want to invest $500 in a pistol, that money is better spent on a Tec-9, CZ75-Auto or a Five-Seven.

SG 553/AUG CSGO Weapon

The AUG is an assault rifle used by the CTs. It has incredibly good armor penetration and its damage isn’t bad. Why wouldn’t I recommend that anyone use it, then? Because it costs $3300. That’s $200 more than an M4A4 or M4A1-s. The SG 553 is the terrorist counterpart of the AUG. It costs a massive $3500 when you can get an AK-47 for $2700. In my opinion the AK-47 is the best assault rifle in the game. Compared to the AK-47, the SG 553 is an awful weapon that no one should buy. Ever.

Closing down, Did I mention all these weapons are used when you want to humiliate your opponents? I suppose not, well quite often you’ll meet a guy smurfing in silver ranks just to humiliate new players by killing them with the weapons stated above. It seems really fun, but for the new players, it frustrates them.


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