Where to buy CSGO skins

csgo skins

Where to buy CSGO skins The concept of skins is being highly discussed in the csgo communities. Technically, skins do not have to do anything with the gameplay, but people are just crazy for them. In this blog, I am going to discuss each and everything about the skins, especially …

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CSGO Weapons to avoid when playing

csgo weapons

CSGO Weapons to avoid when playing The first question which comes in mind, when playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive is why keep the csgo weapons which are not battle-worthy? The answer is really simple, there is always a need of variety in any game one plays, whether the csgo weapons are bad or …

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CSGO Exploding Popularity

cs go explotion

CS GO Exploding Popularity Before CSGO there were CS 1.6 and CS: Source. Truth is, CSGO Source was never the proper successor to CS 1.6 that Valve intended it to be. As a matter of fact, for most of the past 10 years CS 1.6 has remained more popular than …

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CSGO Ranks Explained


Silver 1 – No keyboard, no mouse, game sense of a chimp. You have to in reality TRY to be this bad. Silver 2 – If flashed: panic and throw all your nades! Buy the most expensive gun you can and never eco. Reaction time of a walrus. Silver 3 …

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The Problematic Counter Strike Rank System

Counter Strike Rank System

The Counter-Strike rank system in Global Offensive, has got people thinking the pros and cons of player nibbling order. The ability to rank players in games is a cherry on top of the multiplayer sundae—you spend some time grating and learning in the trenches, gaining levels and experience as you …

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Counter Strike Global Offensive Requirements

counter strike global offensive requirements

Counter Strike Global Offensive system requirements are not as high as people think they are. Counter strike global offensive requirements take an average system to run the game. Counter strike global offensive is undoubtedly the most played combat game on this planet. It generally gives a notion of high system …

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What is a smurf account

smurf account

A smurf is a basic level account, which belongs to a high level player who is commonly known as a summoner. This term refers to old age combats in which a summoner challenges a champion into an arena. A smurf account is used to play with lower level player because …

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